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Royal Family Academy School is a Christian co-edutional school. Prospective students must have completed primary school education (with evidence), and must not be less than 10 years old by September. At the point of registration, a testimonial of completion of primary school will be required.

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Candidates are expected to purchase the schools entrance examination form, after which they will sit for the said examination on a specified date within the months of March and June. The examination will comprise of Mathematics, English and General Paper: (Science, Current affairs, Social Studies and Geography) Two entrance examinations are conducted annually: the major entrance examination in March and the supplementary entrance examination in June. Successful candidates will be notified accordingly. Candidates will be admitted based on merit, and are expected to meet the 75% cut-off mark.


Kindly note that Royal Family Academy does not admit students into JH3 and SH3 classes (examination classes); we also do not offer admission in the third term of any academic year.

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