Our Curriculum

Our Pre-school, Kindergarten, Primary and High School programmes provide a rich scholastic curriculum designed to meet the vision and mission of our school. The school operates an integrated curriculum (National and International curricula) with an emphasis on biblical worldview integration in the teaching of all subjects. It is important for parents to know that we do not stress academics above other developmental skills in our school programmes. Instead, we take a developmental approach to education, stressing activities that give attention to each child’s budding and peculiar abilities and skills.

Our curriculum is a blend of the Christian, Nigerian and foreign syllabi. Therefore, foreign as well as locally published books are combined and used to achieve stated objectives. An Inclusive approach to teaching as well as Leadership training is also employed to cater for learners with academic challenges.

The curriculum has also been constantly revamped to incorporate biblical principles with current topics and teaching trends. The subjects offered can be categorized into languages, mathematics, sciences, arts and vocational studies.

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