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Parent Teacher Conference:

Royal Family Academy holds formal Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC) shortly after the conclusion of each term’s examination and after midterm assessment. Parents are encouraged to utilize conferences to communicate and discuss academic, behavioural, spiritual, emotional and developmental progress directly with their child’s teachers. It is only through the close home and school cooperation and communication that the true educational ideal of RFA can be achieved. Parents can contact the teacher directly or the school office to schedule a time to meet with the class/subject teacher.

Parents Teachers Progressive Forum (PTPF):

As a parent of a pupil/student at Royal Family Academy, you are automatically a part of Royal Family Academy Parents/Teachers Progressive Forum (PTPF). It is a gathering of all parents committed to supporting the many activities that make RFA a dynamic community. All parents are invited to attend PTPF Prayer Meetings, General Meetings, and other events. PTPF meetings and gatherings provide opportunities for all parents to get acquainted, network and stay informed on what is going on at the school, and on how to move the school forward.

Parenting Institute:

RFA Parenting Institute is a school-based community programme designed to offer practical assistance in terms of training, workshops and parenting education to families. The termly sessions focus on building a “family-friendly” school by offering insights into Christ like family life thereby straighten the character, values and spiritual formation of the pupils/students. It also affords parents a platform to enhance Christian parenting skills and strategies needed to understand and meet their children’s core needs for emotional safety, spirituality and love. The Chaplaincy Committee with the approval of the School Director and in collaboration with the Parent-Teachers Progressive Forum (PTPF) plans periodic training for parents. The training may take various forms such as workshops, seminars, discussions, get together or other initiatives that will enhance the parenting skills of RFA parents.


Royal Family Academy Alumni Association (RFA-AA) is an extraordinary platform for all our ex-students that was created and inaugurated July, 27th 2019. It is formidable and well organized. The association operates with a team of smart executive “gentlemen” with over 250 members across the word. They are our Royal Ambassadors.

Abimbola Adesola – Vice Principal

My name is Abimbola Adesola. I graduated from RFA in 2013 as a member of the pioneer set. I currently serve as the Vice-President of the alumni association. I graduated in 2018 from Eastern Mediterranean University with a BSc in molecular biology and genetics. I also obtained my master’s degree in medical biotechnology from the same institution in 2020. My wonderful teammates and I will do our best to ensure we leave a lasting impact on the alumni association, RFA, and consequently, our immediate communities, by encouraging networking, mentorship, and also fostering conversations on meaningful issues affecting our society.

Daniel Etomi

My name is daniel Etomi, I graduated from the university of Surrey where I studied electronic engineering with computer systems. I currently work as an IT professional.

I currently host my own podcast and I’m starting up a tutoring agency.

Taylor Onegiyeofori Esther. – Secretary-General

I’m always open to learning new skills and embracing me ideologies

Toluwalashe Adetona-IbrahimFinancial secretary

I am currently studying Management Information Systems at covenant university.

Emmanuel Okoro-IgweAsst. Secretary-General

After my years in RFA, I continued my study abroad pursuing a career in political science and in psychology. It is my dream to give back to society.

Amaraebi Rita OkutuTreasurer

I am a final year student of Covenant University studying Accounting. I currently serve as the treasurer of RFA Alumni Association.
I have had the opportunity to intern in many organisations. And over the years I have built organisational and leadership skills.

Community Service

The Royal Family Academy community service enables pupils and students to put their love into action, through service activities such as outreaches to indigent pastors and their families, visit to the orphanages, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps, hospitals, autism centre, refurbishing of widows houses, painting of police stand, building of toilets and provision of books and devotional materials to schools, hygiene sensitization etc. Our community service is organized to raise pupils/students who would be thoroughly furnished and globally relevant, caring and compassionate leaders.

The Royal Family Academy Missions Outreach enables pupils and students to put their love into action, through service activities such as outreaches to indigent pastors and their families, visit orphanages, and the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps etc.