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Clubs are a vibrant aspect of our co-curricular programme across sections. Over the years, new talents and skills have been discovered and it is also an opportunity to cultivate critical thinking skills amongst learners.  Pupils/Students are required to join one school club per session. School clubs hold on Tuesday for Nursery (Kindergarten only), Wednesdays for Primary and High school. Below are lists of clubs available in the school:


  • Language                                                                   
  • ICT
  • Fine Art
  • Knowledge Empowerment
  • JEC


  • Maths club
  • Fine arts
  • Girls guide
  • Foreign language
  • Nigerian language
  • Young farmers
  • ICT
  • Music
  • Homemakers
  • Literary and debating club
  • Knowledge empowerment
  • JETS
  • JEC
  • Drama club
  • Red cross

High school

  • Press club
  • Drama club
  • Music club
  • Photography
  • Creative art club
  • Home makers club
  • Mathematics and computer club
  • Literary and debating society
  • Sports club
  • JETS club
  • International relations club
  • Language club
  • Scouts Association of Nigeria
  • Young farmers’ club