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Co-curriculum refers to the activities and learning experiences that take place in school alongside the normal academic curriculum. 

In line with our motto “raising distinguished leaders”, all RFA school programmes are intentionally crafted and planned for the total development of the child. Academic attainment is a key element of school life, however it is complemented by a broad and enriching co-curricular programme to provide an all-round education experience. Our co-curricular program is enriched with several exciting activities such as excursions, subject fairs, inter-house sports, club activities, sporting programs, performances at school events, intra/inters school competitions and other robust activities to provide opportunities for our pupils and students to learn and develop their potentials and skills.

Our broad variety of provisions ensures that music, sport and drama play an integral part in the lives of our learners.  The literary and debating club also provides a platform for intellectual development. Cultural awareness and an international outlook are obtained through the Nigerian language clubs and International relations club. 

Model United Nations club is dedicated to High school students, it affords students the opportunity of debating current international issues and representing at the junior UN member level.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award [DofE] programme in the high school provides opportunities for new challenges, team play, intellectual curiosity, service and it enhances academic development. The programme is thriving at Royal Family Academy thanks to our devoted team of staff (award leaders) working to support students in both the Bronze and Silver cadres.  RFA students begin their Bronze programme at 14, and at the completion of which they are eligible to begin their Silver programme. Students are delighted to participate in adventurous journeys and complete their programme activities.