Frequently Asked Questions

What year was RFA established?

The Nursery and primary sections were established in 2002 and 2003 respectively, while the High school was inaugurated on September 24, 2007.

What sets RFA apart?

RFA prioritizes academic excellence and leadership while distinguishing itself through the integration of Biblical principles across all subjects and a dedicated focus on leadership.

What curriculum does RFA offer?

Royal Family Academy provides an integrated curriculum that incorporates elements from Nigerian, British, and American educational standards.

What routes does the school bus cover?

Our busing service covers Wuye, Utako, Jabi, Zone II, Savannah estate, Garki II, Wuse II, Mabushi/Jabi lake, Prince and Princess, Games village, Kado estate, Gwarinpa, Lokogoma, Sunny Vale, Apo, Sun-city, Life camp, CITEC, Mbora, Wuye, etc.

What facilities are available at RFA?

RFA boasts a range of state-of-the-art facilities, including air-conditioned classrooms, well-equipped ICT, science, home economics/home management laboratories, music and art studios, a Special Needs Education center, Montessori room, a well-equipped clinic, a swimming pool, several auditoriums and a stadium equipped for track and field events.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio at RFA?

The student-to-teacher ratio depends on the school’s section. The Nursery ratio stands at 10:1, the Primary ratio is 12:1, and the High school ratio is 15:1 aside subject teachers and minders.

Does RFA support students with special needs or learning differences?

RFA is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all students through our Special Needs Department, also known as the “Discovery Centre”.

What is RFA’s admission policy/process?

Our admission policy prioritizes fairness and age appropriateness. The process involves academic assessments, interviews, and grade-level-specific entrance examinations. For more details, please refer to our admission guidelines or contact our admin office directly.

What co-curricular activities does the school offer?

The school offers a broad and rich variety of co-curricular activities to appeal to students of various interests, including dance classes, sports, excursions, clubs, societies, enhancement classes, and whole-school events.

Does RFA admit students from other faith?

RFA, as a faith-based school, warmly welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and fosters a respectful learning environment where every child is valued and expected to adhere to school policies, ensuring a harmonious educational experience.

What RFA's approach to discipline and behavior management?

At Royal Family Academy, we prioritize discipline and behavior management by advocating responsibility, accountability, and positive discipline strategies that focus on nurturing and guiding students toward responsible behavior. We believe in setting clear expectations for behavior and appropriating consequences based on severity, aiming not only to address the behavior but also to impart the well-being of our students.

Are there opportunities for parent involvement?

Royal Family Academy believes in collaborative learning and actively involves parents through the Parents Teachers Progressive Forum (PTPF), the school Parenting Institute, and other platforms.

How do Academic Assistance Sessions (AAS) and Enhancement classes work?

Academic Assistance Sessions (AAS) and remedial classes are designed to help pupils and students overcome challenges in their areas of weakness. AAS and enhancement classes is a one-on-one teaching approach that is meant to help learners improve in any areas of difficulty. These run across the Nursery, Primary, and High school.

Does RFA admit international students?

Yes, RFA welcomes international students. We value diversity and believe in providing an enriching educational experience for students from various cultural backgrounds.

Does Royal Family Academy have a boarding house?

RFA operates as a day school for now. A boarding school is being constructed and will be in operation in the near future.

What measures does RFA take to ensure student safety on campus?

At RFA, student safety is paramount. We maintain a secure campus with CCTV coverage, active security personnel, emergency preparedness, health and wellness programmes, partnerships with relevant authorities, and community engagement to ensure a safe learning environment for all.

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