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At Royal Family Academy (RFA), we believe that personal spiritual development is a vital part of each pupil’s/student’s education. To complement our curriculum, we have intentionally designed spiritual formation and Christian values programmes to equip our pupils/students to know and follow Jesus.

Daily devotion, bible study sessions, Chapel programme, whole school fasting, Discipleship Training are some of the most visible expressions of RFA’s core emphasis on Christian spiritual formation. Several times each week, pupils, students and teachers gather for corporate praying, praise, worship and hearing the Word of God together as a community. Mentorship Groups in the High School which are led by teachers, enable students to share their individual challenges and experience spiritual growth in a more intimate setting. As a Christian school, we require all our pupils/students to participate in all curricular, co-curricular and spiritual formation activities of the school without exceptions.

The Chaplaincy

The chaplaincy has been established to oversee the attainment of Christian values and spiritual formation in RFA. The chaplaincy is headed by the school chaplain who works in collaboration with heads of sections and reports to the Director of the school. This office is also responsible for organizing and implementing all spiritual formation programmes to promote Christian virtues and values which include;

  1.  Chapel activities
  2.  Personal Devotion
  3.  Outreaches/missionary activities
  4.  Parenting Institute
  5.  Prayer meetings
  6.  Discipleship training
  7.  Leadership programmes and
  8.  Mentorship programmes.

These programmes are statutory to maintain the schools’ spiritual atmosphere.

RFA Leadership Curriculum

Royal Family Academy is a Christian leadership school; our leadership programme offers pupils/students the opportunity to cultivate excellent leadership and critical thinking skills through a series of leadership courses that will help them successfully navigate school, career, and life generally. This we achieve through our leadership curriculum as well as other well planned activities.