Located in the safe surroundings of Wuye, Abuja, our primary campus offers a nurturing environment for young learners. Accepting boys and girls from 5 to 10 years of age, Royal Family Academy Primary School provides top-tier academic and co-curricular opportunities to prepare students for our Secondary Campus and other leading senior schools.

Royal Family Academy Primary School offers a robust hybrid curriculum that continually evolves to meet the dynamic demands of modern education. Our curriculum combines the Nigerian Curriculum, which equips students with knowledge of their host country and prepares them for secondary education, with the British Curriculum, which focuses on developing key skills in various subjects.

We believe that experiences outside the classroom significantly impact students’ lives. Our extensive co-curricular program is designed to help students develop their innate skills and passions. Activities in Sport, Art, Music, and Drama play a significant role in our students’ lives, with various performances each term showcasing their creativity.

At Royal Family Academy, learning is engaging, educational, inspiring, and fun. Our faculty go the extra mile to implement ‘Active Learning,’ which involves creating and delivering interactive lessons that foster higher engagement. This approach promotes reflective and thoughtful education, moving beyond passive information reception.

To ensure each child receives adequate attention, every classroom is supported by two teachers – a class teacher and a subject teacher or an assistant teacher. Our classroom teachers are well-educated university graduates, and subject teachers possess specific knowledge and training in their assigned areas. Students at Royal Family Academy are taught in small groups and individually to help them reach their full potential. We are proud to see that many of our students exceed our expectations through this personalized approach to education.

The British Curriculum at Royal Family Academy focuses on developing skills in the following areas, while the Nigerian Curriculum provides RFA students with knowledge of their host country while preparing them adequately for secondary education.

Students that have been introduced to the curriculum in their primary education are better placed and prepared for the West African Examination Council when they get to secondary level.

Royal Family Academy Primary School offers a wide range of subjects, including:

– English
– Verbal Aptitude
– Mathematics
– Quantitative Reasoning
– Science & Technology
– Information and Communication Technology
– Arts & Crafts
– Music
– Foreign Languages – French & Spanish
– Home Economics
– Physical Education
– Christian Religious Knowledge
– History
– Geography
– Civic or Citizenship Education
– Agricultural Science

Join us at Royal Family Academy Primary School, where we provide a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for your child.

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