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RFA believes that all pupils/students can and should excel in academics as well as athletics. Sports play a major role in our non-curricular offerings and over the years RFA pupils/students have excelled in inter-school sporting events. While the school encourages excellence in sports, there must be a balance between interests in sports and academics. To boost interest and participation, a standard swimming pool, a stadium with facilities for track and field events with courts for table tennis, badminton, and basketball has been provided for this purpose. Royal Family Academy currently operates a sports academy programs on Saturdays covering Football, Basketball and Taekwondo. The different sections of the school have designated days for sport. Annual Inter-house sports tournaments also offer avenues for healthy competition. Pupils/students are expected to choose and participate in at least one or more sporting activities of their inclination. Currently, the school has four houses; RED, GREEN, YELLOW and BLUE.